Kelly Thomas was a mentally ill, homeless man beaten to death by the police in Fullerton, California.  The police were found "Not Guilty", despite having the obvious crime on video and audio.  Kelly can be heard pleading for his last breaths and screaming out that he was sorry.  

 I came across the shocking audio and video of one of the most obvious cases of police brutality and murder I have ever seen.  I wrote this song.   I worked on it the following day and recorded it in the hut this morning and afternoon.  It's the least I can do in telling this story.  You can listen below.  Rest in peace Kelly Thomas.  


"Kelly Thomas"  by Bryan McPherson 

Who has a song for the homeless

killed in the street          

By The police that beat        

That man like meat        

I can't breathe              

Oh no I can not breathe 


Who has a song for Kelly 

That we can all scream       

While he bleeds on the street    

On my internet screen, oh no he's not me    

Oh no he's not me


Who has a song for the forgotten      

When they die                

For an old mother cries      

To an empty sky    

There's no moon tonight                    

There's no moon tonight


You don't care about Kelly    

 'Cause he ain't you              

Broke them bones right through              

The Orange County crew  

They beat him blue      

They beat him blue


Who has justice for the men        

That they just set free      

These so called police    

Manny Ramos ain't me        

Jay Cicinelli oh no you're not me


Kelly Thomas lays cold in the ground    

Silent nights make no sound        

Not guilty they found  

In Fullerton town          

 In Fullerton town